Hello Friends,

To say I’ve had a lot going on these last few months is an understatement. As most of you know my husband Kurt, commutes from Ashland to California, an almost 8-hour commute, weekly.

In the off season, he is home 4 nights a week and away 3 nights a week. Which has been overall manageable. But as we have embarked on this new season of life, parenting our son who is about to begin his freshman year away at college, I’ve realized I can’t do it without Kurt by my side daily. It is too hard, he is my best friend and my rock. Kurt is also in the process of doing some amazing things within his own career requiring him to be in California even more. To try and keep this rat race going is insane.

So, with that we have made a huge decision, we have moved back to California! YES! YES! You have heard that right!

I was originally going to keep Grace open in Ashland, because I didn’t want to leave all of you, my beloved clients!!

You see, stepping out in faith is really hard. You can't see the end of the tunnel and all you have to cling to is trust. Trust! That this is the right move. Trust! That God will provide for this new direction. Trust, that He will take care of your people. Trust! In the only One worthy of it all. The hardest part of this whole step has been letting all of you, my precious ladies go. You women are amazing! Pillars of strength, with the most stunning hearts! You ladies light up the treatment room and have made coming to work every day such a rewarding experience.  

But amongst the boxes I found some clarity. I think I had been in the fog of the grind for so long that I had no time to think and reflect. But as I was able to step back from the studio while moving, I realized that I wouldn’t be able to sustain commuting. I don’t know how my husband has done it! I would never in a million years want my passion and fire for what I love to change to more of a burden and a responsibility or a “job”.

As much as I want to be able to be in both places at the same time, with my family in California and with my beautiful ladies in Ashland, I can’t. One thing I learned while going through my own health crisis was to listen to my body and its wisdom. As I mediated and prayed I heard very clearly “You can’t give from an empty vessel. Ahh! This is so true & it spoke to my soul.

This season of my life has been beyond challenging, but there have been the most amazing seeds of hope, love, and resiliency sprouting up everywhere, so I am saying YES! YES, to California, YES, to the heat! YES, to the sun kissed golden hills! YES, to my family! YES, to Grace blooming in Chico, California! I have no doubt in my heart that this step is what is right for me and my family.

I am not leaving you ladies empty handed! Oh no! I am leaving you in the healing hands of the most amazing Aesthetician! The beautiful Rosie Dunaway!  Owner of Rosy Glow Holistic Skin Care. I’m happy to announce Rosie Glow will be moving into Grace’s studio space come July 13th 2017! Check out her website you will absolutely love her & not be disappointed!

Tomorrow is a new day and I am so grateful for every moment of this crazy ride. As we begin to plan for the next steps for Grace & our family, will you pray for clear direction, wisdom and perseverance? We want to walk step by step with the Lord and follow as He leads. Bless you all!

In Heart,

Hollie M. Swart, LFT, OTE