Welcome to Grace Skincare Studio!

Grace Skincare Studio is nestled in with the curative Ashland Holistic Health, in the vibrant Railroad District of stunning Ashland, Oregon!

At Grace Skincare I’m certified in the ancient Egyptian art form of hair removal called Sugaring, safe and gentle even for some with health compromised skin. I am also an Oncology Trained Aesthetician through Institute of Integrative Oncology, which has blessed and forever changed my life. I have a profound desire to educate, nurture and help heal the skin. I truly believe this is my calling in life, and one that I hold near to my heart. 

Through my own health obstacles, I realized I wanted to be of service to those who need it most. Providing a safe and nurturing environment to those that are going through their own health challenges and that is where Grace Skincare Studio was born.

At Grace Skincare my goals are simple. To give you a space to rest, relax and restore. To nourish and replenish the skin, feeding it with Organic, Bio Dynamic and Wild Crafted ingredients sourced from each Canadian Province, from the absolutely yummy line Province Apothecary. And most important lots of love and care! Our skin is our largest organ so shouldn’t we give it a little extra TLC! I think so!

Contact me and we can discuss an individualized skincare plan to get your skin feeling and looking its very best! Cheers!